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Welcome on board eazy customers..

The advantage of using eazycall is that, our dialers are "Automatically Updated".

So no need to reinstall dialers after each block...

Happy calling...!!!!

INDIA ---------620 MINS
NEPAL ---------60 MINS

Are you a Blackberry, IPhone or Android user ...?
Register yourself and be updated on our latest mobile dialers


Go to Appstore in your iphone or
Playstore in your Android and search

MOSIP ----dialercode:8037 or
ITEL ----dialercode:15005 or
PRONTO -----dialercode:777

Download it and enter the credentials...

If you facing any voice issue,just go to Appstore / Playstore again and click on Update.That will solve your issue....

Need more help ...?? Just click on our online chat and our support staff would be happy to help you...